We'd love to speak with you about your project and goals to see if our NextStage Program could be a good fit for your needs. Our team is dedicated to helping our members get their projects to the next stage. 

"I found the Next Stage an all-access look behind Broadway’s inner curtain to learn how the delicately allied gears of the industry behave and ultimately harmonize—and how one might navigate its complex terrain.

Ken Davenport offers the full breadth of his Broadway experience and consummate insight in a cohesive and captivating package. Each module is bursting with information, backed by priceless resources and liberally peppered with Ken’s limitless, riveting and revelatory real-world anecdotes.  

You may not need to be an insider to produce on Broadway, but you’d certainly better have an insider’s understanding of how it works."

- Bobby Crawford
"I would recommend Next Stage to anyone who's looking for a roadmap to a successful production first and foremost, without a moments hesitation! 

TheatreMakers Studio is a terrific group all by itself, but Next Stage is next level! If you had told me that I would be in an off-Broadway residency in NYC with my musical, "Brilliance," after a tremendously successful Zoom Reading, mere months after I entered the Next Stage, I would have had reservations...

But the fact is I'm starting to feel like I can now take my show all the way to Broadway leading the way, the whole way - whether or not that's true is irrelevant - I still believe it, and that is nothing less than remarkable!" 

 - Lance Lewman
"Next Stage is a deep-dive into demystifying the producing process. I've never encountered a more comprehensive program that step-by-step walks me through what I need to do to become a successful producer. It's GOLD! 

Beyond the weekly classes, amazing content, and supporting resources, Next Stage is a treasure trove of inspirational quotes, affirmations, helpful advice, and an opportunity to ask questions of one of Broadway's best producers. There's nothing like it! 

Next Stage is also filled with a supportive community of fellow TheaterMakers. That association, alone, would be worth the price of admission. I've learned so much from my colleagues in the Next Stage. Not only would I recommend Next Stage to a colleague, I would tell that person that if they are truly serious about getting their project to the next level and learning the insider strategies for producing, there is no other single best thing to do for their project than to sign up for Next Stage. "

- Megan Ann Rasmussen
"The modules are extremely in-depth with tons of tips and insider information that provide an inside look into the challenges and strategies of understanding the business side of making theater. I feel far more prepared now than I did before this deep dive. The coaching calls are immensely invaluable as well because Ken make himself available every week and always has great advice and ideas for theatermakers at every level.

 - Alicia Jones
"I was overwhelmed and stuck on where to begin. Within the first week, I felt like I had a plan and way to move forward. Throughout the 8 weeks, it was tremendously helpful in figuring out what to do when. I realized I needed Demos before I could do anything else to start building my team. Ken connected me with a great resource who was able to make those Demos. I'm now in the process of searching for a director. I feel much more organized and confident with how to move forward. I couldn't have done that without his help." 

- Kimberly Clouse
"I am tweaking EVERYTHING i am doing based on the incredible knowledge Ken shared. I would highly recommend this to everyone one who wants to make theatre. I consider it an essential training. I cannot wait to go over each session again and continue to implement the strategies taught. It was the best use of my time as I have two shows to be staged September of 2022!" 

- Kevin Davis
"Despite this seemingly endless pandemic, 2021 has brought me tremendous JOY as a member of this community and I am grateful to Ken, Summer, and the whole NextStage/TMS team for the support, inspiration, and knowledge shared throughout the year. This experience has given me the courage to re-enter the workforce and pursue a career in the arts after many years as a stay-at-home mom and I have several projects I look forward to developing thanks to the foundation and resources here."
 - Alicia Jones
"Since January 2019, when I joined the Inner Circle with a musical I wanted to take to the next level, I have gone from having a show I had no idea how to move forward, to a 29 Hour Reading of that show at the Rave Theater Festival. I have won a Residency at The Players Theatre for a production next May of another new musical, “After Happily Ever After” that boasts a stellar creative team of NY professionals – and me. I have had the privilege of Ken’s mentorship and friendship as well as the honor of becoming a member of his investment family. I have received a wealth of knowledge and resources that will prove invaluable as I pursue new projects. And I have met and made new friends and collaborators among the members of both the Inner Circle and NextStage."
- Roger Griffin
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